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What We Do

We're on an exciting mission to help provide modern and effective products for better intimacy and wellbeing. Two things we believe are beautifully fulfilling when in synergy. That is why we chose utilising the multidimensional power of nature in our all-natural plant formulas for your wellness and intimate desires.

Natures Medicine

What we put in or on our bodies matters,
that is why we use plants as our muse and look to nature for inspiration in developing all-natural products with your health in mind by formulating with clean organically sourced ingredients maintained to a high quality standard.

Innovation &

The full capabilities of nature is still being discovered so the opportunities for new product development are endless. We decided to break outside the box of offering the status quo range and provide natural solutions that can change the way people experience life, sex, menstruation, postpartum and menopause. All while maintaining environmental sustainability as one of our core driven missions across the business.

The Birth Of Soma

Click to discover the story of Soma as written by our founder.