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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you vaporise the oil products?

No, it is important that you do not put the oil products into the vaporiser cartridge. Only the specific extract in our Botanical Pen Kit or replacement cartridges can be vaporised.

How to avoid cartridge leaking?

Do not overheat the extract as it can result in thinning and leaking out of the cartridge. Avoid activating the heating function consecutively and leaving the cartridge in direct sunlight or hot heat.

Why is the CCELL cartridge not filled to the brim?

To understand why, click to read the blog here.

Why is my botanical extract going darker?

Because the vaporiser extract does not contain any form of additives or preservatives, they are vulnerable to oxidation. A change in colour does not mean a compromise in oil quality, but a natural chemical response to time, heat, and sun exposure. Darkening of your oil does not indicate it is no longer effective or useful. It still works the same way and taste as well.

For the best experience, always remember to:
- Avoid leaving your cartridge in direct sunlight. This can help keep your cartridge from accelerated darkening or leakage.
- Avoid leaving your cartridge in heat, such as a hot car.
- Try to store your pen in a cool, dry, and dark or low-light place to ensure the most extended shelf life.


Botanical pen feels blocked?
Since the Botanical Pen battery is breath activated and heats the cartridge via airflow, ensure there is no blockage by clearing out the top and bottom of the cartridge holes with a small pin as well as ensure the cartridge is not screwed onto the battery too tight which restricts airflow.

Pen light not turning on?
Ensure the battery is fully charged and there is no blockage of extract in top and bottom of cartridge restricting airflow from the cartridge to the battery.

Pen light is turning on but no vapour coming out?
The metal contact at the bottom of the cartridge that makes contact with the battery may be compressed a little into the cartridge preventing the connection. If you grab a tiny pin and lift it out a little; just the smallest amount, it can connect with the battery again and allow the cartridge to heat up.

No vapour coming out of pen and light not turning on?
Check that the battery is charged up or there is no blockage on top and bottom of cartridge restricting the breath activated heating function.

How to tell when battery is out of charge?
There will be no vapour and the battery halo light will flash 10 times then turn off.

How to tell when battery is fully charged?
When the battery is placed on charge via the USB charger, the halo light will remain on while charging. When fully charged, halo light will flash 20 times then turn off.