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Story of Soma

The Story of Soma

May 9th

This morning when I woke I slowly strolled to the bathroom, I washed my face with cold water, brushed my eye brows and decided to let my skin be for the day. I made my way to the kitchen and put on the kettle, I always start my days with a glass of warm water with lemon squeezed into it and pondered on what to do then after. The ocean always my go too. I threw on my bathers and headed to one of my favourite little seaside spots. A chill in the air, I stayed on the sand as my partner snorkelled. I almostttt didn’t go in but as we hopped into the car to leave I had an urge to run back and immerse myself in the water. So I did.

I stayed in for a little while floating over and through the clear blue waves with a smile of contentment on my face. When I arrived home I sat outside for a bite, I could smell campfire which called for me to get cosy... Following that feeling I rinsed off in a lukewarm shower, acceptance washing over me, a surrender to all that is right now. It felt peaceful. I dressed myself in all white (my favourite), dabbled an essential oil over my body and dribbled three drops of CBD under my tongue before joining my lover boy in the sun-room.

A rumbling came from the sky and the mountains outside our window were suddenly filled grey on one side, what was thought to be a turn in weather ended up a sun-storm passing over us in moments, I watched on with excitement ~ she was strong, wild. I ran outside catching the last sprinkles of rain on my face and looked up to see a huge rainbow in the sky. So wholesome.

I sat and for a long moment bathed in complete presence. Yummmmy. In this moment Soma Medicinals was birthed. A creative flow of energy surging through me. I picked up a notebook and pen and started to write down everything that came through creating an elixir of all that I wanted to offer. The fluidity! (I love this part) once I began I couldn’t stop, almost as if I was merely but so beautifully a vessel receiving information to bring to life. A deep gratitude pulsated through my entire body. The journey to this moment right here right now is so clear, so beautiful. I shared this with my beloved and excitement filled his eyes too. And so we both opened our laptops and the first thing I did was write this. What shall we name it?

I gazed over to my yoga mat and my lunar arts book caught my eye (I hadn’t looked through this book for maybe two years and had only found it amongst a box of things this past week!), the word Soma came to me, I picked the book up opening it just as quick and just like honey to a bee the first word I see ‘Soma’. As I read on I giggled, a knowing of that this moment and every moment leading up to it was meant to be.

Soma – the mysterious nectar of longevity, as both a literal Soma elixir as well as one’s inner nectar – the mystery of our inner pharmacy/hormones to regenerate. In essence it is connected to the mysteries and science of rejuvenation, the innate capacity within life to regrow and renew.

Each and every Soma product will be made with love to nourish your mind and body, from the inside out and sometimes the outside in.

Our intention: to educate, to provide access, to help heal.