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Mental health holds such a vital role in our day-to-day endeavours. In the world at large today, due to the ever-rising pressures of societal expectations, the seemingly abundant causes of nervous system dysregulation, the not-so-nourishing foods we eat, the unaligned environments we live in, and so much more, folks now more than ever experience at least one form of a mental health disorder. 

We as a society have grown so detached from listening to our bodies and seek to find a quick fix to the dysregulation we are feeling. However, our bodies communicate their needs through the sensations and emotions we feel deep in our bodies. Symptoms that come with mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression are our bodies' way of nudging us to let us know that something isn't quite right.

CBD plays such a nurturing role in assisting those daily struggles and symptoms of mental health. A study by Fusar-Poli et al. (2009) found that CBD has an effect on the amygdala (the emotional centre in our brain), decreasing its activation through the administration of cannabidiols. The deactivation of the amygdala through CBD consumption reduces anxiety levels considerably as the amygdala is the part of the brain that initiates the fight or flight response within us. 

Another study by Hegazy & Platnick (2019) found that patients were found to have a significant improvement in their depressive episodes through the use of CBD due to the CBD's ability to control the brain's ability to transmit serotonin and norepinephrine (those happy, feel-good hormones we know and love dearly). Additionally, myriad studies are coming out to support the benefits of CBD in patients with PTSD, psychosis, Alzheimer's disease, and so many more mental health disorders.

Bringing in the usage of plant-powered medicine is such a vital tool for tackling the daily struggles of everyday life. With the science there rooting for the use of synergistic plant medicine in mental health healing, it's worth considering adding it into your daily routine to help ease the daily stresses of life. Soma Goods provides different forms of plant extracts to help cater to your own specific mental health matters. Our Botanical Vape Kit help provide immediate relief to anxiety and depressive episodes, with two therapeutic terpenes to choose from- the sedating and calming Indica strain (Strawberry Shortcake) and the naturally creative and energising Sativa strain (Maui Wowie). The CBD in our Botanical Vapes works synergistically with natural terpenes to provide immediate relief where you need it most, working to reduce anxiety levels and boost your mood. Our line of CBD Oils help to sustain you throughout the day by nourishing your nervous system and easing stress.

R U OK? Day reminds us to ensure we're asking ourselves this question just as much as we should be asking our community, kin, and friends. 

What does your body need from you right now? What is it telling you? What does your anxiety or depression need in order to mellow out and allow you to move freely throughout this realm of being? Let's make sure our intentions are there to take care of ourselves just as much as we do for our sacred tribe around us.