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Masturbation May

Masturbation May

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Why is masturbation healthy?

Unfortunately there has been a long-standing stigma around masturbation, in particular for women; a lot of women tend to feel shame around self-pleasuring. However things are moving in the right direction and slowly but surely that stigma is fading out. Here at Soma Medicinals we want to be a part of breaking that stigma because we believe that PLEASURE IS YOUR RIGHT and we know how important it is to indulge in. Believe it or not, masturbation is normal and healthy! There are numerous studies that state the benefits of masturbation and orgasm to support stress, sleep, mood, the immune system, connection to ones self and overall health and wellbeing. Let’s dive deeper into this…



Masturbation can aid in helping you fall asleep and enhance sleep quality due to it activating the parasympathetic nervous system. What this means is it helps our bodies get out of the fight or flight response allowing the mind + body to wind down into a calm and relaxed state. Add our CBD Oil to the mix and I would say you are in for some quality zzz’s.


Stress Relief and Mood

Being in the present helps relieve stress. Often masturbation requires you to be present for you to reach climax, this get’s you out of the past and future and into the moment focusing on the PLEASURE… I mean what stress, am I right? ;) Along with this, when you masturbate your body releases the ‘ happy hormones’ dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and prolactin. These hormones are guaranteed to improve your mood! It’s worth noting that you can release these hormones from other activities too such as exercise or hugging.


Menstruation Pain

Masturbation can help relieve menstrual pain! The uterine contractions that are a main element of orgasm can help decrease cramp intensity. The hormones mentioned above are also natural pain relievers. This paired with our CBD Oil or CBD Suppositories and you won’t need to touch paracetamol or have that day off work (still take the day off work though, you deserve to rest during this time of your cycle ladies - if your body wants to rest, listen to it).



Masturbation can help you get to know your body. This one is so important. Strengthening the mind to body connection and becoming more attuned to your sensory experience means that you are going to be aware of what your body needs and wants as well as if any changes occur. Alongside this, if you can learn what brings you pleasure and orgasms, you can then share this information with your lover/s during sexy time – more then often your lover will be grateful that you shared this with them and get aroused over the thought alone that you know exactly how to turn yourself on and get yourself off, it also makes it all the more enjoyable for everyone. Fun tip: Try having a masturbation session with your partner present; get them to sit at the end of the bed and watch you self-pleasure.



It is common and normal to go through phases of having a low libido throughout ones lifetime; things like stress, mental health, excessive alcohol consumption or disconnection from ones body can be causes of this. The good news is masturbation can help increase libido. When your body experiences pleasure, your neurotransmitters fire and wire memorising that experience, whether it be a piece of chocolate cake or a mind-blowing orgasm, your body naturally is going to want more of it because to put it simply pleasure feels good. PSA: We are here to experience and a huge part of that is finding what brings us pleasure and doing more of that so that we live a more fulfilling life. A reminder that masturbation is free and you can have it almost anytime you want ;)


Pelvic Floor

Masturbation can help strengthen the pelvic floor – It would be rude not to talk about the benefits of masturbation without touching on the topic of the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that support organs such as your bladder and uterus. Having a strong pelvic floor is important to help avoid issues such as leaking pee when you sneeze, laugh or cough. You could add a Yoni Egg for more focus on this (see list below of where to read more and purchase).


How will our CBD Intimacy Lubricant add to your masturbation experience?

Slide into Natures Medicine with our all-natural CBD Intimacy Lubricant. A blend of 200mg organically grown Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract and Organic MCT coconut oil formulated for your pleasure.

Our CBD Intimacy Lubricant can help:

-         Increase pleasure sensation

-         Relax and increase blood flow to your sexy bits

-         Enhance arousal

-         Improve lubrication 


Do you suffer from Endometriosis, vulvodynia or something similar causing pain during masturbation?

That is exactly what our CBD Suppositories are designed for.

Experience naturally soothing relief with organically grown Broad Spectrum extract infused into organic cocoa butter + coconut oil designed for vaginal and anal use. 5 suppositories dosed at 100mg each, formulated to relieve lower body discomfort. Allow these CBD cocoa butter drops to melt and absorb, relieving pain symptoms or increasing relaxation and enhancing pleasure in the bedroom.

Insert one of these 15 minutes prior to your pleasure session and you may feel like exploring some foreplay while allowing the CBD to soak into the tissues and then you are ready. 


A list of things that can help improve your self pleasure experience:

-       Declutter and clear your space to declutter and clear your mind

-       Create a safe, private space so that you can be intimate with yourself without interruption.

-       If you are going to play with toys, it is so worth investing in quality ones. I have put a list of where to shop below.

-       Remove the goal of orgasm and rather focus on what you are experiencing sensation wise in each moment.

-       Massage your entire vulva + clitoris or penis + balls with our CBD Intimacy Lubricant.

-       Give yourself time – prioritise your pleasure because you deserve it! An orgasm can take over 45 minutes of solo foreplay.

Please see below a Pleasure Ritual to follow. Enjoy!



masturbation may