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Fostering Deeper Intimacy

Fostering Deeper Intimacy

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In today’s society, it has become somewhat normalised for us to have become disassociated from experiencing true intimacy. This disassociation starts off slowly, a contrast to the quickened pace of our daily lives, and often becomes completely lost within the stressors and distractions we find ourselves absorbed by. As time progresses, we lose feelings of intimacy with our partners, ourselves, and from the essence of life itself.

To be intimate is to be familiar with. When forming a deep connection, it exposes you to feelings of vulnerability, honesty and openness which can simultaneously cause discomfort as we have often been conditioned to separate ourselves from these feelings. But intimacy is a beautiful thing that we encourage you to explore. From a physical sense, intimacy is a pleasurable experience for our bodies and we as humans have been hardwired to enjoy life’s tangible pleasures. Emotionally it fosters a greater sense of connectedness and love for oneself or another, relieves feelings of stress and loneliness, and increases overall well-being. 

Intimacy can be found alongside a lover or with the self. Here are some ways we encourage you to explore enhanced intimacy in your life.


How to foster deeper intimacy with a partner;  

  • Explore sensuality without the goal of orgasm. Allow our Intimacy oil to drip onto our lover and start off with a sensual massage. Explore your lover’s body slowly and intentionally. Let there be no goal other than exploration and adoration.

  • Spend five minutes co-regulating before bed. Sit across from your lover with your knees touching, grab each other’s hands and gaze into each other’s eyes for five minutes. Science has proven that this simple act can help regulate one’s nervous system as well as fortify your connection to another. Feel into the vulnerability and intimacy this subtle action can enable.

  • Kiss a whole lot. Next time you go in for a sweet peck from your honey, let it last and let it linger. Don’t rush it, take it slow and keep it sweet. Feel into it, feel the sensations that arise, and spend time doing so. Kissing can increase oxytocin levels, facilitating a feeling of connection and attachment.

  • Try something new. Sit down and have an open, non-judgemental chat about what you would like to try together. Whether it be a new toy or something saucier, being able to chat openly about your desires can increase a feeling of closeness, intimacy, and excitement for what’s to come.


How to foster deeper intimacy with yourself; 

  • Take yourself on a date. Have a think about what you’ve always wanted to try or experience. Whether it be taking yourself to a film or learning a new skill, be honest with yourself about what you desire and go for it. It will increase your feelings of confidence and self-assuredness. 

  • Acknowledge and respect your boundaries. Time and energy are our most precious commodities. Learning how and when to decline what does not serve you is to say yes to yourself and what you truly desire. Prioritise yourself, and your needs to find a sense of calm and inner peace.

  • Pleasure yourself. Tune into your own sensuality and what you desire when there is no partner present. Our Intimacy Lubricant can be used for self-massage to enhance your own touch. Explore your body with love and curiosity with no other thought but your own pleasure.

  • Spend time in quiet meditation with a focus on your breath. Sit in a comfortable seated position with your palms on your knees and close down your eyes. Five minutes of this will calm the mind and reconnect you to the self. Allow yourself to be open and remain non-judgemental to whatever arises.


Incorporating our range of products in your daily routine can naturally and beautifully enhance the intimacy in your life whether it's from the grounding presence or spicing up the yumminess in the bedroom. It is worth always keeping a gentle reminder to make time for yourself; indulging in self-care means that you can fill up that cup of yours which will not only instil a sense of confidence and facilitate a deeper connection with self but will also enhance your overall wellbeing allowing you to show up in every aspect of your life as your true self which is valuable for both you and your nearest and dearest.