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Hemp Suppositories

Hemp Suppositories

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The back door is making a comeback.

For many of us, putting things up our bums is an uncommon experience, especially with the many other methods of ingesting CBD available out there. But don’t rule out suppositories just yet and get ready to inform yourself on why many people go down this route.

Not only is the rectum part of the digestive tract where the cannabinoid receptors are found (CB1 and CB2) resulting in a system that can benefit from cannabidiol. The pelvic region houses a matrix of nerves that travel to the legs and up the spine — meaning that rectal or vaginal suppositories can provide relief to that area of your body in more ways than one. And for the people more intrigued in the sexual side of suppositories, yes you can indulge in the power of cannabinoids to relax muscles, soothe discomfort/pain in that area and even increase sensation and pleasure!


Why are we putting things up our butts?

Rectal and vaginal suppositories have both been used to deliver medicine to patients for decades. The first record of the inclusion of a medicine in a suppository was in 1841 with the introduction of opium to cocoa butter. Now in modern times, suppositories have many uses in assistance with medication. They specifically help cancer patients enduring chemotherapy nausea which prevents them from being able to ingest oral medication. Reports however, display many reasons for the use of cannabidiol suppositories including:

- Period Pain
- Endometriosis and other Pelvic Pain
- Lower Back Pain
- Sciatica
- Inflammation
- Sexual Enhancement

With the surprising plethora of benefits that cannabinoids provide to the body including being a powerful anti-inflammatory, it’s no wonder there is so much versatility with this amazing compound. To help you understand what really goes on down there, let's explore the science of suppositories and what CBD can accomplish when being used in such a way.

What exactly goes on down there?

When you allow medicine in the back door, the effect of these molecules depends on their chemical properties. Molecules can be either small or larger which affect the absorption and delivery of these medicines. For instance, water soluble medications and thin liquid substances like alcohol are a lot easier to absorb into the rectal tissue, going into the bloodstream which then circulates through your whole body. However, the larger molecules cannot do so efficiently and can have trouble passing through the rectal tissue barrier which allows the medication to work its magic locally and diffuse into the pelvic tissues creating a localized therapeutic effect in the lower torso. Due to the slow absorption method, this method can create a longer lasting relief effect compared to oral forms of medicines.


What happens when we put a cannabidiol suppository up there?

When you insert our little hemp suppositories and let the cocoa butter slowly melt, the tissues lining your pelvic region become coated with cannabinoid rich oil and slowly absorb and diffuse into and throughout the surrounding tissues. These powerful anti-inflammatory cannabinoids can create a therapeutic effect for several conditions by interacting with the nerves, immune cells and tense or inflamed tissues.

For the women out there, you may want to experiment to see if our suppositories are more effective at relieving pelvic issues when taken rectally versus vaginally. For period cramps, the back door is the best option if you are on your lunar cycle and have a flow in the way.