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Add Some Spice To Your Space

Add Some Spice To Your Space

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Does your bedroom turn you on?

When it comes to desire, it isn’t just about the thoughts you think and daily habits you practice but also the environments you are in, this includes your home, car and workspace. It is not going to feel sexy getting into a messy car in the morning on your way to work, nor is it going to turn you on coming home to a pile of dishes, right? So if you are seeking more desire in your life, creating a space to specifically cultivate that is important.

The bedroom is the perfect place to start. After all, this room is your most personal space and is likely where most of your intimate moments take place. Your bedroom should feel safe, comforting and sexy… it should turn you on! Here are my favourite tips to transform your bedroom into a romp worthy temple:

No Technology
First off, we recommend ditching the TV. Technology is one of the largest distractions in our day-to-day lives. It does not need to be in the bedroom too.

Keep the bedroom clean
Get rid of any mess/clutter as these invoke feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and stress which turns on our sexual brakes when it comes to desire.

Now for the fun part! First you will want to pick a theme/vibe for your bedroom e.g. earthy and rustic, and then go all out with it. Here are some tips:

Lighting is important because it sets a mood. It can also determine how yummy we feel in our body e.g. bright fluorescent lights can feel uncomfortable whereas a red light can often feel sexy. Here are some examples of lighting you can explore to find what feels just right for you:

·      Moody lamps
·      Sky light
·      Fairy lights
·      LED
·      Spot light on a disco ball
·      Smart adjustable lightbulb
·      Neon sign

Music is also important to set the mood and your phone + laptop is just not going to do. Invest in a good quality speaker so that you can have a nice volume, bass and sound quality then create or save some sexy playlists ready to go.

Smell is one of our strongest senses and a stinky bedroom can be distracting. Hygiene is important for this one and so is finding a yummy smell that you find intoxicating in all of the right ways. It could be a salted caramel candle, an essential oil like rose or even Palo Santo depending on your theme. Explore the different smells to find the one that turns you on!

Mirrors can be fun (and hot)! Especially if you are someone who enjoys watching yourself self-pleasure/get it on with someone. You might like to place a large mirror to the side or end of the bed or you could even install one on the ceiling if your feeling extra. A reminder that lighting will play a huge part in mirror play!

Choosing a lubricant that complements your bedside table ensures that it is always ready to go within arms reach. Explore our infused Intimacy Lubricant that has a luxurious printed design that is sure to add flair to any bedside table.

If you are someone who has a collection of toys, it can be nice to have a cheeky box or altar of some sort for them. This way when you want to indulge they are all in one spot, clean and ready to go! Especially when time is of the essence.

Bed Sheets
High quality clean bed sheets. I think we can all agree how good of a feeling it is jumping into a freshly made bed… it matters. With the endless array of nerves in our skin, touch is another one of our biggest senses which we can use to our advantage to enhance arousal by frolicing in comfortable sheets whether that be silk or linen or even a soft and fluffy splash sheet. Choosing a colour that feels sexy to you is essential (The llama print bedsheets gifted from nan just aren't going to cut it. Yes, speaking from personal experience).

A nice soft rug on the floor of some sort for when you want to do some sensual movement or be on your knees comfortably ;)

A chair in the corner can come in handy! It is great for lap dances and allows for further exploration of different positions, you can get creative with this whether it be a comfortable chair in the corner or a swing from the roof (IYKYK).

Something that inspires your desire, arousal and helps you to feel beautiful. It can also help add a touch of sophistication to your room!

Clothing in the bedroom. If you like being naked you won’t need to worry about this one but for those whose fantasies include lingerie, sexy pyjamas, costumes, accessories. It can help to have them out or at least within close reach to entice or explore fantasies.

Once your space is ready, it is time to set a date to indulge in it for the first time! For the spontaneous type, planning may seem boring but for individuals or couples who schedules are quite hectic, sometimes planning can be the best way to ensure you make time for yourself/each other which is important because a healthy dose of intimacy in your life can help you thrive. Make the date even more special by adding our Intimacy collection to the party. There's nothing sexier than all-natural formulas in the bedroom.